If the food is good, the clients will return.


But what is good food? And what defines good food in a hotel with half board or full board? We have asked ourselves this question many times.

Here are four guidelines that we have chosen for our hotel food service.

  1. Good food is … healthy: now more than ever there is a need to control and be informed about the quality of food, where it comes from and the production processes that it undergoes. In our restaurant this means checking our raw materials, but also providing vegetarian alternatives and a rich vegetable buffet.

  2. Good food is … tasty: we all agree that food must be healthy, but what is a holiday if you can’t allow yourself to indulge in some treats! At dinner this means not passing up on a good dessert. At breakfast it means enjoying brioche and cakes.

  3. Good food is… traditional: When planning our menus, we are very careful to choose local and traditional dishes that tell you something about Val di Fassa: canederli (knödel), shank and polenta, spaetzle… for our foreign guests, tradition means Italian tradition: traditional Italian dishes, what we call “mom’s cooking” (lasagne or carbonara), tell people about Italy.

  4. Good food is… something different every day: variety and seasonality. This is the basis of Mediterranean cooking and the principle of every healthy diet. It is important that our dishes vary and that our guests can eat something different every day, with particular attention given to the seasonality of the products.


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